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Workhorse™ Water Trailers are available in three standard sizes:

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535 Gallon

The 535 is a standard model all purpose water trailer capable of handling virtually every application. It is long enough to make for easy towing, yet short enough to fit into tight spaces. The tank is a low profile elliptical and sits upon a 7,000lb capacity heavy duty trailer.  

725 Gallon

The 725 is designed for those that require greater water output between refills. The extra 190 gallons can go a long way in minimizing tank refill time and keeping water on the ground. The trailer is slightly longer and comes equipped with two 4,500lb axels to carry the extra water weight with ease. 



1025 Gallon

The Workhorse 1025 is one of the few, if not the only, water trailer available in a 1000 gallon class. Made specifically for those that need as much water on hand as possible and acts as a low cost substitute to a water truck. DOT approved heavy duty trailer, de-rated to 9,900lbs so a class C license is not needed, yet still equipped with 5,500lb axles to handle the weight of the water and everything else you put on the trailer.  

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The Workhorse Watertrailers

The Workhorse Water Trailer is amongst the finest water trailers ever made. The Workhorse was built to handle the extreme abuse and harsh conditions of the construction and equipment rental industry, and they have proven to do just that. With nearly 15 years of production and refinement, the Workhorse maintains top level durability, longevity, functionality, ease of use, and style.

The Workhorse Water Trailer is manufactured in Norco, California, and often shipped all over the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and Guam. All of the Workhorse materials and components other than the pump are American made, and only the highest quality is used. Four sizes are offered and include all the standard features: 325, 535, 725, and 1025 Gallon

All Workhorse trailers are heavily customizable and can be made to order specific to your needs!! Features such as colors, pumps, hose reels, tool boxes, pressure washers, and so on, can be added to make your trailer a perfect fit for your job. If you can think of it, most of the time we can build it!